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hdr_photos's Journal

High Dynamic Range photos
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All Members , Moderated
This is a community to share high dynamic range photos. HDR way to process your photos to preserve detail in the highlights and shadows without loosing contrast. More information can be found about the process at:


If you would like to try HDR, but don't have photoshop CS2 or CS3, or photomatix, try Qtpfsgui. It's free, and it works really well.

1. No nudity or offensive pictures
2. Photos must be under 700 x 700 pixels. (Anything larger must go under a cut)
3. If you post more than one picture, put the rest under a cut
4. Images must be HDR.
5. Don't post to the community more than once a day. (if you want to share more pictures, just put them under a cut in one post)
6. No spamming or advertising other communities without permission
7. Be nice to other members.
8. No disabling comments.

Posts will now be moderated, to make sure rules are followed.